Carbide Scrapers for thick glue removal.

PCD segmented tools with a metal button or sacrificial bars for coating removal. Recommended rpm 550-650.

- Select the proper Metal bond based on the concrete hardness.
- Select between single or double button depending on the machine size and/or desired aggressiveness.
Start with grit 30 to expose Large aggregate.
Start with grit 70 to expose Medium aggregate.
Start with grit 120 for Salt & Pepper.
Recommended rpm 550-650.
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-Concrete Hardner KS10
Sodium/Potassium Densifier to improve the hardness and quality of new and existing concrete floors.


-Concrete Hardner Lithium
Densifier High concentration 23%, excellent oil-repellent, does not create film.



• Instructions: Apply uniformly on floor perfectly dry and clean using with mop or sprayer at low pressure. Uniformly spread the product in a thin layer using a microfiber pad that should be pre-moistened with Concrete Hardner prior to use.
If applied during the process of POLISHED CONCRETE , we advise to apply the product after grit 200 or grit 400 or similar grit.
Let the floor dry perfectly and continue the process of grinding and polishing.

Grit 100 Hybrid - HD Copper, Calibra or Corsa. Hybrids tools are ideal as transition step between metals and resins.



Continue with grit 200 and grit 400 Hybrid or Resin. Recommended rpm 650-750.

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-Concrete Color Dye (Powder)
Concentrate colour powder to be dilute in 4 liters of Acetone.
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-Concrete Color Plus
Concentrated liquid color solution to be diluted in 4 liters of Acetone.


• Instructions: Mix the content of Concrete Color dye into 4 liters of acetone and shake properly. Ensure that the surface is clean and dry.
Make a previous colour test on a non visible area. Spray the product with a sprayer or spread it with a roller for creating an uniform layer.
Let it dry for 1 hour before making any other operation over the surface. Remove the residues using a single disc machine with white pad and water.

Polish with V-HARR Felt Pads grit 800, 1800, BUFF.
Dry use. Recommended rpm 800-1100.
concrete, guard, lithium, chemicals, klinsystemSEALER
Concrete Guard Lithium
glossy stain protection sealer, oil-repellent.
Can be applied directly on the floor by using microfiber cloth. After application, polishing the surface with high speed machine.

Burnish with Shine Pro BUFF diamond floor pad specially designed for burnishing and polishing concrete floors.

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